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AGENIUM Space is expert in AI solutions for space. It harnesses edge-AI technology for onboard image analysis.

AGENIUM Space is delivering edge-AI solutions for CNES, ESA and lately also commercial customers in space. AGENIUM’s novel products and services include advisory on AI onboard computing platform selection, DNN training and quality focused simplication for AI applications, onboard software frameworks, software optimizations and execution, AI-algorithm improvements. Demands of complex AI technology use in space has facilitated growth of the company’s rich know-how and practical experience across full edge-AI value chain for space.

Cooperating with AGENIUM guarantees highest quality of AI app solutions across all building blocks, from DNN and AI computing framework selection to satellite sensory platform and optimized execution on AI accelerators. While space is hard, AGENIUM’s edge-AI technology makes building and maintaining the AI part simple.

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